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🎒 If you're here to
decoration games, you are at the right place. It's not a myth, we do learn something new everyday. The only difference is that here you'll learn
interior design. Experience
and you won't be skipping school days any time soon! Be the best in class decoration for a change. Summer vacation just started, so there is more than enough time to do your homework. We're more worried about setting up our back to school decorations on time. Let our
help you with that. 🎒
using miniature school furniture! Sounds like a lot of work. But having a custom made dollhouse decoration is so yesterday. Do a proper home sweet home makeover with our
for girls! 📚
🎒 Time to clean up and decorate your school house! We've filled your backpacks for school dollhouse with latest classroom decoration and a lot of fun! We did not forget the most important thing! Good company! To fit in with your new school friends and your classroom teacher, no text book is needed. There is a time and place for everything. Before you hear school bell ringing you should have already figured out how to clean classroom tables. Find friends to help you arrange doll house furniture and other school stuff all over the place. 🎒
📚 One wrongfully downloaded virtual house design app and a lessons learned. You're smart enough not to follow school fashion trends, so
all by yourself! 📚
👦 Build your own dollhouse school desk and pick other school classroom furniture!
👧 Meet my classmate and enjoy our
👦 Keep the classroom clean, assembly hall, school gym and classroom library – develop whatever room interior design you want!
👦 Extremely easy to use: just touch the items and drag them wherever you want
👧 Take a photo, share it across all social networks and boast of your “dream doll house”!
👦 All this and much more awaits you only in
for free!
📚 If you want to have tidy
we offer you one of the best
out there! 📚
🎒 There are so many after school activities for you to embark on! And all of them even before a lunch break! Before you go and enjoy our school canteen food, check out our virtual classroom design. With just one look at it, you will realize “how to make a doll house” design and find classmates enjoy it as much as you do. Bring some snacks for school crush of your might do some trick. But if you want to win his heart completely,
are the perfect way to do it. Learn your lesson on school design with a simple click! Thanks to our
, times for school won't sound that bad. 🎒
📚 Would you believe us if we say
is not as bad as it sounds? Give us a minute or two to change your mind. 📚
🎒 Clean classroom might not sound like a way to his heart, but it sure does take you one step closer to free “school games for girls”. You can play sports with your friends in fully equipped recreation center. All of the lost energy can be recharged thanks to some snacks from our vending machine or with a healthy school lunch. You can lose yourself in a book chilling on cosy room furniture. Nerd is the new cool! And if organizing dollhouse miniatures and playing room decorating games did not allow you to express your artistic side, we even found time for art classroom activities. 🎒
📚 Hate to say we told you so, but these
speak for themselves. Create a classroom and have some fun! 📚

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